Fra Thailand til Thy

(Love On Delivery)

What is the attraction of living in a remote fishing community in northern Europe? Still, this is where 575 Thai women have settled, all married to local men. Fifteen years ago, there were almost none. But Sommai, a former sex worker from Pattaya, was there. Now, she and a group of other industrious and strong Thai women are trying to find a husband for Sommai's young niece Kaeh, who is in Denmark on a three-month tourist visa. Love on Delivery is a touching, tragic and at times humorous tale of strong, decisive women who see themselves as entrepreneurs in a globalized world rather than victims of poverty and prostitution. They make great sacrifices and take high risks when they leave their children behind and travel half way around the world to marry complete strangers.
Format: Documentary Feature, 58 min.
Årstal: 2007
Forfatter: Sine Plambech
Instruktør: Janus Metz
Cosmo Film A/S
Ryesgade 106 A
DK-2100 København

CVR-nummer: 14248935

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